About Quail Trap Kennels

Quail Trap Kennels is situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Athens, Ohio. A number of years ago, while traveling between my home and training grounds with a new English Setter puppy that needed a registered name, I passed the ruins of the one-room Quail Trap School and the Quail Trap Cemetery. I decided to name my pup Quail Trap Maggie, and thus began my vision for Quail Trap Kennels.

As a teenager, I was called upon by the local sportsman’s club to be the bird boy at one of their weekend horseback field trials.  This was my first exposure to pointing dogs.  Watching the dogs come into the bird field and point was a magical experience for me.  I was especially impressed by the English Setters. I then began to read as much about bird dogs as I could and eventually bought my first Setter from one of the men at the sportsman’s club for one dollar. I remain as awestruck today by a pointing dog as I was back then.

I began to hunt ruffed grouse in southeastern Ohio with my Setters.  That led to yearly trips to the Great Plains states to hunt pheasants and quail and eventually to competing in ruffed grouse field trials.  I found that the grouse trials closely simulated a hunting experience and were the best place to observe English Setters on wild birds. Through watching dogs at grouse trials, I was able to evaluate and determine which Setters would work best in my breeding program in order to obtain the qualities that I most desired in an English Setter.

The breeding program at Quail Trap Kennels is focused on identifying English Setters that prove intelligence, bird finding ability, power, speed, proper gait, style, and a desire to please the handler. I also look for a calm, pleasing demeanor because Setters should be more than just bird dogs; they also need to be family companions.  I generally only raise one or two litters a year; therefore, it is critical that individuals are selected that meet my demanding criteria.

The future looks bright for Quail Trap Kennels.  I regularly get excellent reports from satisfied hunters who have bought puppies. Setters from Quail Trap have placed in ruffed grouse, walking, and horseback trials. Quail Trap dogs have won championships and various Dog of the Year awards.  Quail Trap Setters are being campaigned all over the country by one of the premier wild bird dog trainers in the nation, Scott Chaffee, of Pioneer Kennels.  The relationship between Quail Trap Kennels and Chaffee has proven successful. I am excited about the future; with the help of Chaffee’s skill and work ethic, Quail Trap Setters will continue to demonstrate winning traits.

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